Volunteering at the Great TV Auction is fun, challenging, eventful, a great way to network, rewarding and a terrific way to make new friends. Below you will find a description of the various areas open for volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering at the Channel 10 Auction, please contact Pam Behling at volunteermptv@aol.comor call (262) 781-4998.  



Phone bank operators take incoming calls and bids from viewers during The Great TV Auction. They enter the bid(s) into the auction database using a computer. At times, an operator may have to give more information on an item to a bidder. Phone bank training is provided during your shift.

Pit Area

The pits have a variety of responsibilities including proof reading the information for the electronic boards, managing and organizing the opening and closing of boards, managing online, proxy bidding and much more.

Casting Director

The Casting Director moves throughout all areas of the auction asking individual volunteers to be table captains during the live TV auction.


Do you like working with food? Well if so, commissary is the place for you. Volunteers pick up food donations, prepare and serve food, clean up the kitchen area and remove trash from the commissary area. Night time volunteers are always needed to ensure snacks are put out for the late shift.

Table Staging

Volunteers setup displays and merchandise to be shown on-air during the Auction, then re-package the merchandise and take it back to the warehouse where it is stored for the winning bidder. Training for table staging is traditionally scheduled during the two weeks prior to the Auction.

Shift times: 12 PM to 4:30 PM, 4 PM to 8 PM or 7:30 PM to Close.

Pick Up & PayPick Up & Pay

This is where the winning bidders come in to the Auction to pick up their items and pay for them. Volunteers greet patrons, collect information, run to the warehouse to find items, serve as cashiers and finally deliver the items to the customers. Training is required and a schedule will be made available to you during your confirmation for this area. Volunteers are needed through a week after the Auction ends.

Shift times: 10:30 AM to 4 PM, 3:30 PM to 9 PM.

Confirmation Phones

The confirmation area of the Auction is where as volunteers you contact our winning bidders, verifying addresses, collecting payment information and informing them of shipping options. This area has regular telephones with limited computer skills required.

Shift times: 9:30 AM to 2 PM, 2 PM to 6 PM or 6 PM to 10 PM.


Volunteers locate items from various warehouse areas. These volunteers then pull items from their various warehouse locations including general merchandise, multiples, art and then delivering these items to the table staging area. Once items are presented on air, items are returned from table staging and must be re-shelved in assigned locations by warehouse volunteers.

Shift times: 12 PM to 4:30 PM, 4 PM to 8 PM or 7:30 PM to Close

Data EntryData Entry

Each item that is donated to the Auction comes in with a donor form that contains item information such as who donated it and what the value is. Data entry volunteers enter this information into the Auction database. Computer and keyboard skills are required. Year round help is needed.


Copywriters write the descriptions of items that are then read on air live during the auction. Copywriters use their talent and wit to emphasize the most desirable aspects of a donated item. Computer and keyboard skills are required.

Donation Acquisition

Donation acquisition volunteers help bring in the donations that are then sold on-air. Acquisition volunteers make phone calls to donors, pick up donations, fill out donor forms, explain the auction to potential new donors and occasionally meet with existing donors in person.